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Register for the 2019 Spring Acrobatic Trials, Broadcast LIVE on ESPN 3

Come Spin to Win at the Sofo Signature Showcase, April 28th in Toledo, Ohio!

Open to all Acrobatic competitors, the U.S Pizza Team will be hosting the 2019 Spring Acrobatic Trials. Events will include Freestyle Acrobatics, Largest Dough Stretch, Fastest Pie Maker, and Fastest Box folder. Grand Prize for Freestyle is a chance to compete in London at the European Pizza & Pasta Show, November 13-15, 2019.

Spots will be limited so sign up today to earn a chance to represent your pizzeria and hometown! Be sure to let your customers know to watch you compete LIVE on ESPN 3!!  Register Below!
Download Rules here

For more information about the event and the USPT, contact Brian Hernandez at, or 662-234-5481 x129. Or you can reach out to Brandy Pinion at, 662-234-5481 x127


Watch the action live, April 28th, at the link below!

ESPN3 Live: US Pizza Team Trials April 28th, 1pm Eastern


Athletic Categories


For payment options or more information about this event, please contact Brian Hernandez at or 662-234-5481 x129, or Brandy Pinion at or 662-234-5481 x127.

2019 Spring Acrobatic Trials Rules
All competitors welcome

 All competitors are welcome to compete in the 2019 Spring Acrobatic Trials on April 28th, at the Sofo Signature Showcase in Toledo, OH., regardless of team affiliation. Team jerseys will not be allowed while competing. Only logos for your pizzeria and that you have the rights to display on live TV and Streams. This event is designed to help bring more publicity to individual pizzerias. All competitors are welcome and any freestyle acrobat competing will be eligible for the grand prize trip to the European Pizza & Pasta Show in London, England. 

Largest Dough Stretch

  1. Contestants have 5 minutes to hand stretch or toss one 18 oz. dough ball to maximum size 
  2. Dough cannot be torn, holes can be repaired within the five-minute time limit.
  3. If dough touches the ground, the competitor must move to the ground to finish stretching the dough.
  4. The dough must be round or oval, no other shape will be accepted.
  5. The competitor is not allowed to kneel on any part of the dough while stretching it.
  6. Two measurements are averaged, the widest diameter of the dough plus the perpendicular measurement of the widest diameter.

Fastest Pizza Maker

  1. Contestants will stretch five 10 oz. dough balls to make five doughs placed on 10” screens 
  2. Each contestant has 3 minutes max to complete the task, shortest time wins
  3. Dough must cover the entire screen below, no metal showing
  4. Clock will continue to run until any holes are repaired and no screen is showing
  5. Times are measured to the hundredth of a second
  6. Two referees will keep time on stopwatches

Box Folding

  1. 1. Contestants fold five 14” boxes, including front flap, as fast as they can 
  2. Each contestant has 2 minutes max to complete the task, shortest time wins
  3. Contestant will not touch the boxes before the referee starts the event
  4. Each contestant can choose to start with boxes right side up or upside down
  5. Referees will run 2 stop watches, an average of both timers will be their score

Freestyle Dough Tossing

  1. Competitors use five 16 oz dough balls for their 3-minute acrobatic dough routine
  2. The first-place winner earns an all-expense paid trip to the European Pizza & Pasta Show in London England to compete in the International Acrobatics Event
  3. Contestants are given scores by a panel of impartial, qualified judges
  4. There are five categories, worth 20 points each, for a total possible score of 100 from each judge
  5. The five categories are: Difficulty, Dexterity and Hand Work, Technique and Originality, Power Moves & Combos, Entertainment Value



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