Top 100 Triumph: USPT Members Mark & Kira Zabrowski Earn a Spot on Yelp’s Prestigious List

Dive into the magic of Shakespeare with every bite at this artisanal-pizza gem in Pleasanton, CA.

Titania's Bounty, 2021 Virtual US Pizza Cup Finalist. Recipe link available in story
Titania’s Bounty, 2021 Virtual US Pizza Cup Finalist. Recipe link available in story

Owned by passionate teachers and theater enthusiasts, Mark and Kira, Much Ado About Pizza has become a culinary sensation. Their world-ranking pizzas, inspired by Kira’s triumph, showcase a unique blend of flavors.

From the “excellent, just tangy enough” sourdough crust to the 72-hour Italian fermentation process, Much Ado About Pizza crafts a delightful experience for both your taste buds and stomach.

Step into a cozy space adorned with theater masks and Shakespearean posters, immersing you in the world of the Bard. Indulge in playful puns on Shakespeare’s classics with pizzas like “The Taming of the Chew” and “Titania’s Bounty, featuring an abundance of locally source vegetables and flavor.

The crowd-favorite “Montague,” initially a limited menu item, has stolen hearts with its mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, and the delectable TomaTruffle cheese. It’s a bite that keeps customers craving an encore!

Explore the menu with popular dishes like “Taming of the Chew,” “All’s Well in the Endzone,” “Ham-let,” and “The Tempest.” Yelp reviews just can’t get enough of the flavorful and tangy pizza dough, meltiest of cheeses, and the warm atmoshphere and hospitality of the owners and staff.

Much Ado About Pizza isn’t just a dining destination; it’s a theatrical culinary experience where the magic of Shakespeare meets the artistry of pizza-making.

Brian Hernandez

Brian Hernandez