competition dough recipe

Competition Dough Recipes

Acrobatic Dough Recipe and Procedure

Calculate the number of pounds or ounces of dough you need to make, keeping in mind, it’s best used within a twenty-four hour period. We use two 8 oz. dough balls pressed together to make one acrobatic dough.

Flour 100.00%
Water (75% Ice Cold, 25% 75°) 52.68%
Oil 1.37%
Salt 3.91%
Sugar 0.39%
Red Star Dry Active Yeast 0.20%

  • Place water and salt in mixing bowl.
  • Stir and let salt dissolve for five minutes.
  • Add flour, and mix for five minutes.
  • Add oil last, and mix an additional fifteen minutes.
  • Scale, ball, and place dough balls in lightly oiled pans, and cover with plastic.
  • Refrigerate until ready to use.
  • This dough will be dry and harder than regular pizza dough, but proves very durable for acrobatic purposes.



Largest and Fastest Dough Procedure

Calculate the number of pounds or ounces of dough you need to make, keeping in mind, it’s best used within a twenty-four hour period. Current weight for largest stretch is 18oz, and five; 10oz dough balls are used for fastest.

Flour 100.00%
Water (80degrees) 56.00%
Oil 3.75%
Salt 2.00%
Honey 2.00%
Yeast (very little!) 0.001%
Garlic powder 0.25%
PZ-44 0.13%

  • Put a bag of flour (50 lbs.) into the mixing bowl.
  • Put salt and yeast in mixer bowl with flour.
  • Mix all dry ingredients on low speed for 30 seconds.
  • Stop mixer and add water
  • Mix on low speed for 3 minutes or until a dough ball starts to form.
  • Add Oil and Honey. Mix for 7 more minutes.
  • Wheel bowl down, take hook off, and place batch on table
  • Dough should be warm, but not too sticky.
  • Let dough relax for 1 minutes.
  • Cut and ball dough right away – 10 oz for Fastest Dough or 18 oz for Largest Stretch.
  • Put dough balls into plastic dough trays, cross stack for 20 minutes, lightly mist with water, then nest trays.
  • Use in 24 hours (if dough seems to hard, stand covered at room temp for½-1 hour)


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  1. Avatar Carol Renteria says:

    What size is your mixing bowl? I want to start a pizza business.

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