The US Pizza Team Collects Precious Metal in Vegas

Congratulations to all the US Pizza Team members that competed and placed at the ’23 International Pizza Challenge at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas last week. This team continues to represent the industry with honor and a never-ending fountain of creativity when it comes to pizza recipe design.

Thank you for making our sponsors, your teammates and the industry as a whole swell with pride. Pizza to the People.

While there are many levels of accomplishments at the Expo, here are some of the highlights.


2nd place, Non-Traditional Division Northwest – David Solum, Danger Von Dempsey’s, Aberdeen, S.D.

3rd place, Traditional Division Northeast – Rico Lunardi, Slice on Broadway, Pittsburgh, Penn.

5th place, Traditional Division OVERALL – Rico Lunardi, Slice on Broadway, Pittsburgh, Penn.

1st place, Traditional Division International – Wilhelm Rodriguez, Papa’s Pizza, Puerto Rico

3rd place, Traditional Division Southeast – Kevin Knott, The Nona Slice House, Safety Harbor, Fla.

3rd place, Traditional Division Southwest – Cristina Aceves Smith, State of Mind Public House, Los Altos, Calif.

3rd place, Traditional Division Mid-America – Dave Sommers, Mad Mushroom, West Lafayette, Ind.

4th place, Detroit Style Division – Jamie Culliton, The Nona Slice House, Fla.

7th place, Sandwich Competition Overall – Sean Dempsey, Danger Von Dempsey’s, Aberdeen, S.D.

Be sure to follow the team the week of April 17-20 as they compete at the World Pizza Championships in Parma Italy!


Brian Hernandez

Brian Hernandez